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Crappie USA Team Profiles

Meet the Team

Katrina Vanderpool

Hamilton, OH

Lawrence Timmer

Hamilton, OH

Time Together:
47 Years
  • Decatur Regional 2007 6th Place AM
  • Decatur Regional 2006 10th Place AM
  • Grand Lake/St Marys 2006 14th Place AM
  • Buckeye 2005 9th Place AM
  • Coralville Regional 2003 10th Place AM
  • Buckeye 2002 10th Place AM
  • Grand Lake/St Marys 1999 5th Place
  • Grand Lake/St Marys Crappiethon 1996 1st Place
  • Buckeye Lake 1996 10th Place
  • 6-Time Classic Qualifiers
  • 2-Time CAST Qualifiers
  • Numerous Top Ten Finishes
  • Numerous Top Male/Female Finishes
  • Numerous Regional Qualifiers
  • This team is most proud of being Fishing Merit Badge counselors for over 25 years with the Boy Scouts

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